Market analysis

Market Analysis

Clean Horizon experts assist actors and support decision makers by assessing addressable markets for energy storage. We can also forecast prices on specific energy markets in order to propose a valuation for storage projects.

Regulatory assessment
Introduction to energy storage and hydrogen

Clean Horizon has deep knowledge in energy storage in multiple geographies and has evangelized energy storage opportunities, fostering its deployment, starting from 2009.
Our experts having technical, economic, regulatory expertise covering different geographies, have knowledge that enables extensive understanding of challenges and opportunities for energy storage and hydrogen.

The introduction to enery storage includes:

  • Overview of technologies, applications of utility-scale energy storage
  • Raw material, battery degradation, fire risk, recycling and repurposing, long duration storage
  • Global market trends
  • Accessible revenue strems
Techno-economic analysis

Clean Horizon assists technology providers, integrators, and EPCs in understanding the main value streams for energy storage along with identifying the geographies that offer the best business case for their products and services.

Clean Horizon’s activities covers regions as varied as Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, Hungary), island regions (Caribbean Islands, Indian Ocean islands such as Seychelles or Mauritius, French Islands), Africa (Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Chad), Americas (United States, Canada, Latin America) and Australia.

Clean Horizon experts regulatory monitor regulation and legal frameworks which affect energy storage. This knowledge enables an in-depth understanding and edge regarding predictions and potential impacts of incoming regulations on our clients’ energy storage business.

A typical project may be focused on:

  • Market size forecast
  • Revenues accessible for storage, including Capacity Markets, FCR, aFRR, Fast frequency control services, Dynamic Containment
  • Current and upcoming regulation
  • Typical project description; Indication of profitability

Our coverage is global.
Between January 2019 and April 2022, Clean Horizon has realized 204 engagements with a country focus.

Market Forecast

Clean Horizon provides its expertise in optimization of business plan for energy storage and hydrogen projects. We help to build an business case based on market analysis of a country/ region, market size forecast and revenues accessible for storage and hydrogen.

  • Market analysis of business models and revenue streams in different regions: Overview of specific power markets, installed capacity per country, Market size forecast, Regulation & Revenues accessible for storage, typical project description.
  • Battery storage information : Economical information, Lifetime and degradation, Performances guarantees.
  • Forecasting revenue streams, developing trading strategy, and building the business case.

Additionally, Clean Horizon, in cooperation with Cor-e, is providing Ancillary Services Price Forecast

in multiple geographies in order to support the validation of energy storage assets and to simulate the revenue stream using CRE-STORE, Clean Horizon's simulation tool.
Competitive Analysis
Competitive analysis

We assist our clients in addressing the competitive landscape and its evolution all across the value chain in multiple geographies. We have helped numerous European companies understand export markets, as well as Asian and American companies detect business opportunities in Europe.

Our team constantly tracks regulatory and market evolutions which support the emergence of energy storage all across the world. We maintain our monthly Update from the Field market analysis reports, as well as CHESS, our global database of MW-level energy storage projects. Clean Horizon is offering the following subscription based or ready to buy services:
Update from the Field (UFTF)

Update From The Field (UFTF)

Clean Horizon's Update from the Field (UFTF) serves as the monthly analyst report on key data and trends affecting the energy storage and hydrogen worldwide.

It consists of three main parts:

  • Recent regulation and initiatives

  • New energy storage and hydrogen projects, commissioned or announced

  • A focus on key trends affecting the energy storage business


Make the most of our analyses on key data, changes, and trends in the energy storage industry worldwide.


Annual subscription which includes:

  • 11 monthly analyst reports (the 15th of every month except August)
  • One presentation summing up the key findings of each report (Power Point format)
  • One 45-min webinar presented the week following each report delivery
  • Up to 4 hours of Q&A every month with our analysts
  • ... And our online energyy storage tender tracking service




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