Update From the Field - January 2021: Israel, the (real) 8GWh opportunity

Update From the Field - January 2021: Israel, the (real) 8GWh opportunity

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Executive summary (2)

New regulations and initiatives discussed this month (6)


Chile (6)

Europe (6)

France (7)

Spain (8)

United Kingdom (9)


Project updates and announcements (9)

Overview of the 2020 market for utility-scale energy storage projects (9)

Projects announced or contracted this month (9)

Europe (11)

Projects commissioned this month (11)

Tenders this month (12)

Oceania (12)

Americas (12)

Focus of the month: Europe 2025 battery storage market forecast (14)

1. In a nutshell: why is Israel a real opportunity for storage? (14)

2. Electricity landscape in Israel (14)

a. Energy overview for Israel (14)

b. History of renewables in Israel (14)

c. The recent energy market reform in Israel (15)

d. Single-Buyer model and energy market: an Israeli oddity (17)

3. Recent and current opportunities for storage in Israel: a 3.2 GWh cumulated procurement is looming 18

a. National PV auctions managed by the regulator (18)

b. The  PUA’s “Distribution Land PV + Storage auctions” (19)

c. The Dimona EPC Tender (21)


4. Future opportunities for suppliers and IPPs 21

a.     Future PUA PV + storage tenders (21)

b.     Incoming stand-along storage auction (22)

c.      Other opportunities (22)




Figure 1 : Solar PV and energy storage capacity awarded during CRE's 2019 tender for non-interconnected territories (7)

Figure 2: Dynamic Containment average price and volume for the first 3 months (8)

Figure 3. Utility-scale energy storage projects announced/contracted and commissioned in 2019 and 2020 (ongoing) (9)

Figure 4. Projects listed under PG&E’s latest procurement round (10)

Figure 5: Installed PV capacity in Israel and goals (15)

Figure 6. Key dates of the Israeli electricity sector reform and the power stations to be sale based on the reform requirement on the generation segment (16)

Figure 7. Overview of the electricity sector value chain restructuring (16)

Figure 8. IEC's market share target regarding the installed capacity in the generation segment (17)

Figure 9. Total capacity commissioned under PUA auctions since 2017 (18)

Figure 10. Minimum and Maximum PPA clearing price of the PUA PV and PV + Storage auctions since 2017 (18)

Figure 11 - Cumulated size of storage systems won in the 2 PV + Storage auctions (19)

Figure 12 : Different charging strategies for the energy storage component (21)